The Free Energy s.r.l. is a company that designs and manufactures various types of systems for gas processing, oil production and fluid transportation. It designs and supplies pressure vessels as per PED Directive, ASME (also ASME-stamp equipment).


Operating Segments.

Free Energy s.r.l. is able to realize packages starting from a preliminary engineering. Through specialized and certified workshops. Our portfolio of products goes from the construction of baseframes, pipes (stainless and carbon steel), Non Destructive Testing, Pickling and Painting, Final assembly and Factory Acceptance tests. The supply is completed by the construction of the pressure vessels and heat exchangers, the purchase of the line components (valves, filters, calibrated discs, drip ring, etc ...), the installation of electrical instrumentation, insulation and packing.


Company Profile.

Free Energy s.r.l. meets the need for integrated construction of packages through partnerships established over the years with qualified factories and thank to that is able to offer a complete service of plants construction.



Where We Are.

Free Energy srl
Via delle Industrie, 34
30038 Spinea -VE-
VAT Code. IT04039750270
Ph. +39 041 997612
E-mail. info@freeenergysrl.com
Web. www.freeenergysrl.com
GPS. 45.4916879N 12.1442054E
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